A Thoroughly Modern Makeover


Traditional, long-standing British companies are having to re-brand and get with it to survive in the cut-throat, claws-out world of fashion. Successful transitions from fusty to fashionista include Pringle, Burberry and Belstaff. Even Barbour have made the move out of the closet of the landed gentry and onto the backs of some of the world’s most stylish celebs. With the brand now boasting its very own ‘Wax Factor’ (their phrase, not ours), the traditional outdoors-y range has been given a thoroughly modern edge – without scaring off the old ladies and shooting brigade. As well as their classic designs, the 100-plus year-old company has introduced a new contemporary collection for men and women, utilising their iconic detailing and fabrics in 21st century fashion statements. A new concession boasting pieces from their contemporary and classic collections is due to open this week at Dobbies World in Cirencester, which includes a rainbow-like display of Hunter wellies. Must-have pieces for fashionistas wanting to muck about in the country!



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