The Look Of Glove


The Resource team boasts some excellent down-hillers. Others, however, prefer the pre- and aprés-ski bits best of all. One thing that we do all agree on, however, is that when heading for the peaks, technically-advanced kit that keeps you toasty and looks the part is a necessity. There’s nothing worse than numb fingers when you’re stuck up a mountain – ski gloves and mittens need to protect, be tough, supple and water-resistant. Alexandra Bennet has been designing gloves for over a decade, and her collection of ski gloves – borne out of her passion for on-the-piste activities – are not only beautiful to look at, but a pleasure to wear. Alexski gloves and mittens are made from the highest grade of English waterproofed kid leather, with an inner Goretex glove and a lining of super-warm possum fur, meaning that not only will you be fully-protected against even the most extreme of elements, but you’ll also cut a dashing figure as you hit the slopes. Available in men’s (in black and chestnut) and women’s sizes (in black, chestnut, pink, powder blue, olive green, red and navy), we’re particularly partial to the sumptuous chestnut brown pair and this statement-making red pair.

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