An Eggs-ellent New Year


Did you get everything that you wanted for Christmas? With the Resource team, one gift leads to another. One of our favourite stocking fillers this year was the beautiful little Henkeeping tome published in association with The National Trust and Country Living. Sub-titled ‘Inspiration and pratical advice for would-be smallholders’, it’s gotten us rather excited about the prospect of our own version of The Good Life and so starts our wishlist for 2008. One chicken-y item that we’ve had our collective eye on for a long time has been the Eglu – a rather nifty, i-Mac-a-like design to keep your hens happy and safe, whatever the weather. As well as being the perfect anti-fox home for your egg-laying lovelies, they can also be used to house ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. The latest version of the Eglu is the new Eglu Cube, which can be moved around your garden or smallholding to ensure that your animals get to munch on the freshest grass available – it’s insulated, can have its covered run extended if you decide to keep your flock in one area, can be hosed down to keep it clean, and can house up to 10 birds.

The Eglu – and chickens to fill it – is available from:


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