Inspiringly Beautiful


Whenever we’re feeling a little jaded, or need something visually beautifully to inspire us – or, indeed, something delicious to get our creative juices flowing – we head out to Daylesford. Arguably the most gorgeous shopping emporium in the world. We popped over to Carole Bamford’s delightful store after a bite to eat at the Kingham Plough (delicious cider from Brittany, an excellent hand-raised pork pie with homemade chutney, a slightly over-cooked baked egg with Aga-burnt toast, a charming barman and sloppy service from their glamorous front-of-house) and were, as ever, completely moved by just how exquisitely the place has been put together. They say God is in the details and Lady Bamford certainly has left no (perfectly shaped, highly polished) stone unturned. We oohed and ahhed our way through the foodhall (and managed to blag a taste of Stichelton on the way), stroked every possible item we could in the Bamford Barn (mostly those items made from cashmere and softer-than-soft leather), made mental notes for our garden, found a beautiful collar and lead for office pooch Henry and plastered ourselves with wonderfully smelling products in the Haybarn – where a sense of calm and wellbeing envelope you as soon as you push through the doors. We were only there for an hour, but we left feeling full of ideas for our homes and a few pounds lighter (that’s Pounds Stirling). 


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