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JCB Phone

Those of us who already own shiny, gorgeous iPhones know that looking after your mobile phone has taken on new critical levels of care. Move all spillable beverages away from the iPhone; do not dump new iPhone into the bottom of handbag/briefcase filled with potential scratching items; do not allow iPhone to be handled by anyone under the age of 18; ask envious friends to please wash and dry their hands before fondling one’s iPhone; place on soft piece of material when putting iPhone down onto hard surfaces; stop wearing diamond earrings so that they do not scratch the iPhone when talking on iPhone; carry the iPhone using only a gentle-but-firm fingertip grip on its outer-most edges. Really. Come on. While we adore Apple’s most covetable piece of kit, our lives cannot be ruled by our mobile phone. However beautiful it is. And so to the iPhone’s antithesis: the mobile made for the anti-iPhone set who see their mobile as – gulp – an essential piece of kit that needs to withstand day-to-day knocks. Appropriately, big yellow digger company JCB have come to the rescue with their JCB Toughphone. Encased in tough rubber and the company’s trademark yellow, the phone has been given an IP54 rating, meaning that it’s shock resistant, dust resistant, splash resistant, drop resistant and can be used in temperatures ranging from minus 20 to 60 degrees Celcius. Handy. As well as being a butch little number, it’s also fully-loaded with gadgetry including Bluetooth, tri-band and built-in speakers. Nowhere near as pretty as the iPhone, and not quite so packed with modern technology, it is, however, pretty darn useful for those of us who just can’t offer the commitment levels an iPhone demands.

Available from Bamford And Sons
Tel: 020 7881 8010


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