Love Spreads


For some, the idea of a slice of toast hot from the toaster slathered with melting butter and topped off with a generous scraping of Marmite is foodie heaven. An acquired taste, it’s easy for those of us that love the yeasty spread to see why it might not be for everyone’s palate. Despite its recent carnation in a squeezy format (talk about lowering the tone, for goodness sake), we’re still firm followers of the spread here at Resource. And we’re especially excited about getting our mouths around the new limited edition version of Marmite. Made with Champagne and launching especially for Valentine’s Day, only (well, we say only…) 600,000 jars of the yeast extract will be available containing 0.3% Champagne and boasting a very special gold-coloured label. If you’re looking to really treat your Marmite-loving loved-one this Valentine’s Day, then go the whole hog and buy them a Marmite-branded Dualit toaster too. Marketing gimmickry gone mad! (Er, we’d still love to try it, though. And yes, we’d quite like the toaster too).


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