A Finger Of Fun

MacBook Air

A sighting of Land Rover’s beautiful LRX distracted us momentarily from Apple’s latest launch: the wafer-thin, super-pretty, size zero MacBook Air. Dubbed ‘the world’s thinnest notebook’, Apple’s latest supermodel has its sights firmly set on the wireless generation. According to its creators, it’s a thin as your index finger, and yet still boasts a bright, crystal-clear 13.3-inch widescreen LED display, a backlit keyboard and a large multi-touch trackpad which steals some clever functions from the iPhone and iPod Touch. One of the machine’s biggest coups is in what it lacks: rather than add a few pounds, the MacBook Air has been built without an optical drive (in other words, there’s no disk drive, for those of still using 80s parlance!). If you must install a DVD or use a CD, then you can do so remotely from your desktop computer (Apple is, quite rightly, assuming that us Macophiles boast two, three, sometimes four kinds of their addictive pieces of kit). Fast, thin and very, very pretty, Apple is very much still strutting its stuff and putting PCs in their place. Do we really need to tell you that we want one?



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