A (Mini) Grand Tour

 George V

Just in case we don’t update our website as often as usual over the coming two weeks, fear not: the editorial team are off on a grand tour (of sorts) of France and Spain in a shiny, new, dashing, black Land Rover Discovery. Celebrating grand touring trips of old, we’ll be meandering down through France and Spain, stopping off at local markets, tasting the local wines and cheeses and staying in some gorgeous hostelries along the way.
Heading from Gloucestershire, out east to the Eurotunnel (so easy and painless) we’ll be spending our first couple of nights in the decadent, unashamed luxury of the George V – arguably Four Seasons’  jewel property. A full review, including a review of the two Michelin star Le Cinq, will be online as soon as we’ve finished basking in its glory.
Onward then, down through France (stopping off at various gastro-packed chateaux) and onto Rioja where we’ll no doubt fill the boot of our beautiful beast of a vehicle with cases of vino. Then on to the beautiful, ancient city of Granada in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and on to glitzy, brash and bawdy Marbella – where we’ve heard the locals have already started topping up their tans on the beaches. We kid you not. On the reverse journey, we’ll be taking in Madrid, San Sebastian, Biarritz and La Rochelle, to name just a few luxurious stopovers. And because we’re driving, we’re packing the Discovery and our Globetrotter cases with all of the most essential creature comforts: an iPod Touch for a vast array of tunes and audiobooks to keep us entertained; cashmere blankets and cushions so that both driver and passengers are cosy and comfy; an outfit for every eventuality; delicious toiletries so that we can spritz and moisturise the whole way; a few bottles of Champagne plus some delicious snacks in our coolbox in case we get peckish before our planned pitstops; our shiny MacBook Pros so we can update Resource online; a pile of gorgeous, glossy fashion mags and destination guides; Tod’s driving loafers for maximum comfort (and a pair of fabulously unnecessary leather driving gloves for maximum grip when we’re driving through Paris); and enough space left over for any essential and frivolous purchases that we make along the way. Cheap flight to Málaga? No thanks.
Email us with any must-see or must-eat travel suggestions for our trip, and we’ll post news and reviews all along the way. Á bientôt!


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