Glorious Gloucestershire

Cotswold country

The Resource editorial team is finally back on home soil, after some serious road-tripping through France and Spain in the comfort of a fabulous extras-stacked Land Rover Discovery (a full review of the vehicle and our Grand Tour will be online soon).
The plan, admittedly, was to post news stories every couple of days, but with infrequent access to free Wi-Fi (we’re sorry, but we absolutely refuse to pay for a service which is relatively inexpensive to install for hoteliers, especially the five-star big boys) we decided to take a much-needed break instead.
Highlights of our trip included a dazzling, slightly drunken eight-course dinner at Le Cinq in Paris’s deliciously decadent George V hotel; lunch sat on a windswept beach in Biarritz (we’re thinking we should invest in satellite offices in the upmarket town, with its Galeries-Lafeyette outpost and year-round populace of beautiful surfers); driving down the terrifyingly narrow streets of the ancient city of Segovia (and having to pull in our wing mirrors as our parking sensors went beserk); touring past the beautiful chateaux of south-western France; and eating roast lamb falling off the bone in Benahavis.
We’re feeling fully rested and raring to go, despite a few issues with email servers and having to move our editorial office upon our return (our head office address stays the same for now, if you’re planning on sending us gorgeous things to review!). We’ve had thousands of hits since our soft launch, and we’re hoping to dramatically increase that over the coming months, in the run-up to the first issue of Resource being available to Gloucestershire’s and The Cotswolds’ most affluent residents and visitors.
Please feel free to send us through any news items that you’d like us to consider, and if you need any more information about Resource, please do drop us a line.


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