For The Love Of Godminster

Godminster\'s vodka range

Being a successful purveyor of fine food and drink is no longer just about tasty creations. Not only does your product of choice have to be absolutely delicious, but it also has to arrive in beautifully designed packaging and have a range of other equally clever products in an ever-expanding range. Preferably of the award-winning variety. One of the standout producers at this year’s Food & Drink Expo at the NEC for the Resource team was Godminster Vintage: a cheesemaker of exceptionally delicious organic cheese first and foremost, but now with a range of prize-grabbing vodkas, chutney and biscuits that combine wonderfully with their tangy cheddar.
The Godminster estate is in Somerset, and the team behind this expanding brand aims to create a “self-sustaining environment where nature can regenerate and flourish.” Using their homegrown ingredients as a starting point for their creations, the talented Godminster team whip up ideas which are then passed on to trusted and respected food producers, ensuring that the quality of the core ingredients is respected.
A must to try, if you’re a fan of a cheeky, brunch-time Bloody Mary, is Godminster’s wonderful organic horseradish vodka that boasts a premium vodka smoothness with the subtle kick of a Bloody Mary’s best friend, horseradish. Using an organic vodka from a distillery in London, the team infuse the spirit with various roots and fruits, including elderflower, horseradish and cucumber. For the perfect Bloody Mary, mix a generous splash of the horseradish vodka with Godminster’s ready-made spicy tomato mix. However, we found ourselves supping the stuff neat at 11 in the morning at the Expo, such was its refined, elegant taste.
Order online, and be sure to treat someone you know with very good taste to one of the gorgeous gift packs.

Godminster Farms, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0NE
Tel: 01748 813 733


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