Worth Its Salt

A new foodie discovery we’ve recently made is of a selection of flavoured Welsh sea salt. As cooks (both professional and those at home) become more interested in each and every product they use, it seems obvious that new varieties of salt are catching the eye of those keen to enhance the flavour of their carefully prepared dishes. Ferran Adrià at El Bulli is allegedly a fan of Halen Môn‘s pure sea salt from Wales, as is John Torode. Sold in some of the world’s finest delicatessens and foodhalls, Halen Môn’s range include a pure, white, gleaming sea salt, plus some really exciting naturally flavoured versions including one that’s smoked over Welsh oak, an organic spicy one, and one infused with Taha’a vanilla. Add the spiced one to give a homemade Bloody Mary a kick, while we’ve discovered the vanilla salt is perfect when sprinkled over a finished dish of seared sea scallop, served on bacon with a homemade rhubarb and ginger chutney. Divine. Quality ingredients for chefs that, clearly, know their salt.

Halen Môn, Brynlencyn, Isle of Anglesey, Wales
Tel: 01248 430 871


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