English High Summer


We were going to show off the new Melissa Odabash swimwear collection, but as our teeth chatter in the office and our winter woolies are dug out from the back of our wardrobes, our minds are more fixated on the idea of cashmere. It seems that even the low-rent supermarket “fashion” labels are piling cashmere high – and pilling high, no doubt too. While you may be tempted by the rails of this sub-standard cashmere, remember that investing in more expensive versions of the soft stuff means you’ll own a beautifully made piece for years. Lucien Pellat-Finet’s denseley knit sweaters, hoodies, dog jumpers (no, really – our office pooch Henry is a huge fan), gloves and blankets are all about investing in beautiful design and fine quality. Emblazoned with cutesy logos, skulls and even the odd jewel (if you must), Lucien – dubbed the ‘King of Cashmere’ by some journalistic wit – now even offers a design-it-yourself service (well, kind of – you pick the logo and colour, he does the rest) as well as a fabulous gift idea for friends and family who have everything: send in an image and Lucien will turn it into a beautiful cashmere rug. The latest collection sees new luxury additions, including watches (in conjunction with Jacob & Co, natch), beautiful luggage stamped with Lucien’s eye-catching skull logo and leatherware. If you can’t quite stretch to a beautifully fitting sweater, then a bottle of cashmere shampoo – made exclusively for the label – will work wonders on your cashmere collection – we can’t guarantee it will bring a supermarket purchase back to life, however!


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