Boy Soup


Whenever we’re in London, Shoreditch House becomes our all-in-one office, watering hole, dining room, sunbathing hotspot and cocktail bar – all wonderfully located in our favourite part of the city. On one of the hottest days of the year so far we headed up in the lift to find a lounger, kick back and enjoy a bottle or three of rosé. Along with the rest of London’s designistas. Whether recently out of work/freelancing (Shoreditch House has been dubbed the “Shorphanage” by many of its members who are suffering work-free periods due to the credit crunch) or taking a cheeky day off, the place was rammed. The pool resembled boy soup; never have we seen so many pairs of tight Speedos this side of Marbella/Sitges/Ibiza. The service was atrocious, the queue at the bar and in the loos was ten-deep, our food didn’t arrive and we waited over 40 minutes for a bottle of wine – and we loved every minute of it! Still the hottest spot in town.

Photo by Delgoff


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