Irreverent Luxury


It’s not often that one can combine beautiful design with quirky motifs, humour and innate style. If just one man can it’s Jonathan Adler. His store was one of our high- and lowlights in our recent trip to Chicago. Why such a downer? Because we couldn’t squeeze a single thing into our already bursting suitcases. Not fair.
Mr Adler is not just a highly talented potter, but also a man with an eye for objéts of sheer beauty and a sharp wit. Basically, we think he’s rather fabulous. Click onto his website for beautiful items for the home, as well as his droll musings. His manifesto includes statements such as: “We believe celebrities should pay full price. We believe dogs should be allowed in stores and restaurants. We believe colors can’t clash. We believe in irreverent luxury.” Hear! Hear!
If you want the bad news, it’s this: his products are incredibly hard to come by in the UK. Shipping is available from the US, but you’ll no doubt have to double the cost of some of the larger items. Any sightings of his beautiful products on these shores, and we’ll let you have them.


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