High Speed Drive


We featured Terrufugia‘s car-plane hybrid years ago, when it was being touted by its mad professor creators as the world’s first ‘transition’ vehicle. The concept was simple: land your car-plane at your neighbourhood airstrip, fold up the wings, drive it home and park it in your garage. We thought the idea, ahem, would never get off the ground, but we love to be proved wrong when it comes to feats of engineering. So now, Terrafugia proudly present The Transition: a street-legal airplane. While our intrepid team of travellers would rather fly to far-flung shores in the ample luxury of an Airbus A380, thank you very much, this little beauty will be ideal for the high-end commuter. In terms of design, it looks a little more Thunderbirds than a glimpse at the future, but we’d rather have function over style when it comes to getting us home safely. For order enquiries, contact Terrafugia’s sales team directly: sales@terrafugia.com


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