Kyoto Calling


Chris, our Art Director, is eating his way around Tokyo, Kyoto and Hong Kong over the next couple of weeks. He’s already hit the ramen and sushi joints of Tokyo, and is currently in Kyoto where he’s off on a cycling and food tour of the city tomorrow. Having barely set foot in the place, he’s already managed to discover an excellent local restaurant serving the specialty dish of “Shabushabu – very thinly-sliced, highly marbled Wagu beef which you dip into a big bowl of boiling water with lots of onions, tofu, rice cake, glass noodles and mushrooms. In the time it takes to say ‘shabushabu’ three times it’s done – delicious!” And to prove the provenance of the highly-regarded Wagyu beef, the restaurant even displays the cow’s family tree outside: complete with nose print (in the bottom left-hand corner)! There’s a clutter of these restaurants on Hanamikoji-dori, in the Gion district of the city – a tourist trap for Japanese visitors, so the food is excellent.



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