Looking On The Bright Side

Concept hotels, as a rule, don’t usually get us very excited. Usually very of-the-moment, chances are the shine will fade quickly. However, we’re willing to put this aside just this once, as we’re loving The PANTONE Hotel’s colourful USP.
PANTONE Inc is the company that was responsible for revolutionising the graphic design world with itsPANTONE Matching System, allowing designers to accurately reproduce colours onto the products they were creating. Since then, the company’s colour guides have been used to produce an array of accessories including mugs, bags, shoes and even bikes, thanks to the PANTONE UNIVERSE concept.
Taking this branding one step further, The PANTONE Hotel in Brussels, designed by Michael Penneman and Oliver Hannaert, is colour coded for its guests – with some floors decked out in ‘vivid’, ‘vibrant’, ‘intense’ or ‘tranquil’ colour schemes. All rooms boast luxurious beds, flat-screen TVs, great views of the city, while the hotel is basking in having the bar of the moment, thanks to its rooftop terrace with stunning views. You can even sup on a PANTONE coded cocktail: ours is a Lemon Drop PANTONE 12-0736, if you’re asking.
1 Place Loix, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 541 48 98


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