See Your World From Another Perspective

Don’t get us wrong: we could never tire of London. But sometimes life gets in the way of enjoying this vibrant, incredible, crazy city that we like to call home. Saturdays for us are about finishing off the week’s unfinished work, diving into the papers, partaking in a cold beer and putting our feet up – perhaps with the odd game of Scrabble on the iPad. Rock and roll, no, but when you work hard, playing hard isn’t usually the sensible option. So we’ve made a pact in the Resource office: to grab what London has to offer with both hands (as long as we don’t have to put down our drink). Starting next weekend (oh we do hope this glorious weather holds), we’ll be discovering this city through the eyes of a sophisticated, stylish, in-the-know tourist: we’ll be eating at the best restaurants, staying in some of this city’s most beautiful, luxurious hotels (we can’t begin to tell you how decadent and fabulous it feels to know that there is a suite with our name on it at the Four Seasons Canary Wharf) and finding the perfect spot from which to take the best shots of this stunning metropolis.

* A review of our next-door neighbour, the Four Seasons Canary Wharf (that’s us in the picture above, on the left, penthouse level – can you see us waving?).
* Dean Street Townhouse: Soho’s hangout for the effortlessly hip and their hangers-on.


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