The High Life // The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Today sees the opening of the world’s tallest hotel: the behemoth that is Ritz-Carlton‘s 490-metre tower in Hong Kong. Offering a vertiginous perspective on HK’s Victoria Harbour, the hotel took 10 years to build and will only hold the title of tallest until the J-Hotel opens in Shanghai in 2014 in the 600-metre-plus Shanghai Tower.
More important than its stature, though, is Ritz-Carlton’s emphasis on service – in a city packed with high-end hotels, the brand is hoping that this will become a favourite with Chinese nationals visiting from the mainland. Its 312 rooms will be some of the most expensive in an already pricey city, but we’re willing to pay pretty much anything in order to  be able to complete a few lengths of the knee-bucklingly-high indoor pool (see image below), way up on the roof. Other facilities include an ESPA spa, the world’s highest bar, The Chocolate Library for a unique take on afternoon tea, and cooking from Tin Lung Heen, which will include traditional dim sum. Your new address when in Hong Kong.
The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2263 2263


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