To Infinity and Beyond // Virgin Galactic

Imagine: one day you’re selling high-end safaris to the well-heeled and well-monied, the next you’re booking in passengers for flights into space. Seasons, one of the UK’s leading tour operators has found itself in that position, thanks to their collaboration with Virgin Galactic, to offer spaceflights to customers wanting to experience new frontiers. As fully-trained Accredited Space Agents (surely the best job title ever?), Seasons’ agents will talk clients through each and every aspect of Virgin Galactic experience.
And yesterday, the dream of space travel came a step closer as Sir Richard Branson and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez watched as Virgin Galactic’s commercial space vehicles soared overhead in the crisp blue skies of New Mexico during the dedication ceremony for its new home at Spaceport America. Despite sounding like something out of a 1950s futuristic cartoon, the Norman Foster-designed building will act as a combined terminal and hangar facility and will be the hub of activity for the venture, which Branson promises will offer “safe, affordable and clean access to space.”
So far over 100 test flights have taken place and the company is currently recruiting “aggressively” to create a “highly talented and accomplished workforce.” Attending the ceremony were 150 Virgin Galactic customers who have already paid their deposits to fly to space, along with Branson’s children who will join him on the inaugural flight.
For more information, contact Seasons for flight information and prices.
Tel: 01244 202 021,


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