Makes Ours A Large One // The Cinnamon Club Cocktails

"Vivek Singh's Cinnamon Club"

With winter taking its grip on the Capital, we’re looking for beautiful places in which to warm our bones. One of our favourite venues for a hot drink on a dark night is The Cinnamon Club – a stunning restaurant set in the old Westminster library famed for its contemporary Indian cooking. But it’s not just the food that’s been currying favour with connoisseurs of food and drink. Head mixologist Salvatore D’amico’s fiery new drinks menu has been causing something of a stir. New cocktails include Don’t Mess With Naga, which combines tequila, caramel liquor (wow), lime juice, green pear syrup and Naga Bitter (an outrageous muddling of eight-year-old Bourbon and Naga chillies, which are the world’s hottest). Decide on how daring you’re feeling and watch as your barman administers the chilli essence drop by drop. Another favourite of ours – if you’re buying – is the Golden Brown, mixed from Martell VS, apricot shrub, lilly liquor, a splash of Cynar and topped off with a gold leaf. The Glorius Day, served in a wonderfully retro pewter mug, is another winner on the menu (pictured above). Better still, you can wash these concoctions down with some of Executive Chef Vivek Singh’s bar snacks – small and large plates perfect for sharing and soaking up the expertly mixed booze.
The Cinnamon Club, The Old Westminster Library, 30-32 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BU
Tel: 020 7222 2555 


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