Best In Show // Andrew Pinkham

Philadelphia-based Andrew Pinkham‘s photographic work has an ethereal quality, thanks to his delicate handling of light, and the illustrative elements he adds to his work after an initial photo shoot takes place.

Challenging the viewer’s preconceptions of what we think of as ‘historical’ or ‘authentic’, the final images resemble the work of 18th and 19th century painters; the work of animal portraitists such as George Stubbs and John James Audubon come to mind. Some of his work uses human models, others canine poseurs, others still, eerie street and city scenes, their style influenced by the sombre portraiture of that era.

Some are playful and comical, using props or whimsical composition, a coming together of photography and illustration, “Not knowing where one ends and the other begins,” as Pinkham explains it. Re-engineering natural light in his studio or on location, he strives to replicate the same beautiful effect that his environmental portraits boast.
To discuss commissions, telephone Andrew on: 215-901-0445


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