About Resource


Resource is unique: a sophisticated, stylish, contemporary publication designed to reflect the needs and wants of  its discerning, design-savvy readership who travel the world and appreciate the finer things in life. We are dedicated to high-quality, high-finish bespoke editorial that is unique to our website. Quality of the written word – whether that be online or in print – is paramount. Beautiful design and original photography complete our irresistible package.

resource (ree-sawrs) noun: A source of supply, support or information, espc. one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.

As the name suggests, the online magazine Resource is an invaluable source of up-to-date information on all that is stylish and desirable. We offer an insider’s look at the hottest trends in travel, property, gastronomy, health and beauty, style, motoring and country & city pursuits. Resource explores and informs, bringing our readers the latest must-know luxury lifestyle news from around the globe. Content is – crucially – informative, intelligent and irreverent. We work with only the best – not only in terms of the companies that we work with but also the writers that we employ. Never buying-in editorial from unknown sources or agencies, we work with an international team of freelancers and experts that we know and trust, ensuring a fresh and diverse perspective, stunning visuals and content that reflects the lifestyle needs of our discerning, affluent readership. Our readers are business owners, entrepreneurs, land owners; they are well-connected, successful men and women who have homes both in the city and in the countryside – often with properties abroad, too.

Why work with Resource?
Firstly, because we’re doing something different. Resource attracts professional, high-net-worth individuals with a keen eye for style who have enormous spending power. These affluent consumers actively buy into the products and services they read about in our magazine.

The quality of our content is where we standalone from our competitors and is how we engage our readership, giving an unrivaled opportunity to expose your product or service to a highly-engaged and receptive audience.

Specific lifestyle sections make the website and magazine easy to navigate: travel, fashion & beauty, property & interiors, motoring, travel, country pursuits, and arts & culture. Resource is a high-quality magazine with a global outlook and newsstand quality. Thanks to our functional layout and beautifully written articles, you can reach new customers through exclusive, bespoke editorial within the magazine or in our new e-newsletter, which arrives directly into the inboxes of some of the country’s most important businessmen and women. We Twit, we blog, we Facebook, we write enticing features. We know that these sophisticated web-users and consumers do not respond to being bombarded by online marketing “campaigns”, flashing banner ads, annoying pop-up boxes and spam-like emails. We do not sell banner adverts, “advertorials”, mass mailouts, or animated campaigns. Our sophisticated web-users do not click on Google Adwords or sponsored links. They seek out quality products promoted by quality publications.

This is the future of online publishing.

Contact Resource
Advertising space and editorial is available in our biannual print publication focussing on key areas of interest. Our first issue is a travel special.

If you would like your product considered for inclusion, please contact
Lisa Richards: lisa@resource-magazine.com


resource is unique:
a sophisticated, stylish,
contemporary publication designed to reflect the
increasing desirability of living both in the city & the country.
Its discerning, design-savvy readership travel the world
and appreciate the finer
things in life

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