Ongoing Social Media Support

So what happens next? You’ve got a great looking blog that showcases you and your products/services, a Twitter account and a Facebook page. The worst thing you could now is sit back and wait for your customers to find you. Weekly updates will mean your online presence is kept fresh and current, will attract new followers and “likes” to your page, spreading what you do to yet more potential customers and clients. Search engines eat up new content, as do customers.

"social media for small businesses"

Our 2+2+2 Bundle is the ideal, affordable way to ensure that new content is always being added to your site, new followers are being attracted and that your online identity truly represents you and your business.

2+2+2 BUNDLE: £39 per week
Ongoing support, paid on a weekly basis, for the following:

* 2 Facebook updates per week
* 2 Tweets per week
* 2 blog updates per month (maximum 300 words)
* Up to 5 gallery updates per month
* Monitoring & feedback: monthly blog statistics (looking at which stories and keywords work best for your business); as well as monitoring Twitter follower numbers and Facebook “likes”
* Monthly telephone consultation: as well as offering feedback, this monthly call will look at your aims for the next month, focus on any new business activity or up-and-coming industry events that we can feature, and will plan out the next month’s updates.
The small print: minimum sign-up period 3 months

Got Social Media?
STEP 1: choose a bundle
STEP 2: read testimonials from our clients
STEP 3: have a look at our options for ongoing support, from as little as £39 per week
STEP 4: call us on 07765 976 803, Skype us on 020 8123 3878, or email us.


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